We are Real Sociedad. We are the sum of the decisions which we have taken.

In 1909, we decided to become something more than just a football team. We decided to be a Club which represents a community - the Gipuzkoa region. We decided to write a story about overcoming obstacles, about effort, dedication and commitment. We decided to give everything we have got. In every second. In every game. One by one. Season after season.

Until that attitude became part of our DNA. In all of these years, we also decided to become a reference for Gipuzkoa. To be an example. An inspiration. For the whole of society. We decided to become a Club which is tailored towards people. Towards the fans. A Club which is united with the community.

And today, we have decided to go even further.

We have decided that today will be a starting point. We have decided to confront the challenges of a new Real Sociedad.

And for that reason, one of the decisions which we have taken is to sign an agreement with Microsoft which will enable the digitalization of the club. This way, we will be able to be even closer to our fans. We can create more bonds and strengthen them. We will be able to share a greater relationship and more content with our affiliate clubs, educational centres and with our fans … We will promote and augment contact between all of them. We will be able to boast better communication. Generate and promote new experiences, and be more united to those in our immediate environment. We can be an even greater social reference. To continue building a Real Sociedad geared towards people. Because it is the people who make us a great club.

Today, we are at the start of a new era.